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6 Responses to e-mail

  1. Lisa lamas says:

    Please link my facebook would like to share

  2. steve oster says:

    I have a great marilyn on a ladder people today

  3. Wilma wall says:

    I love classics movies like Shirley Temple

  4. Jean KHOURY says:

    I like actresses as Susan Kohner (Imitation of life); Christine Kaufmann (Town without pity); Hope Lange (Peyton Place);…
    Actors as Kirk Douglas (Spartacus); Anthony Quinn (The visit); Marlon Brando (Mutiny on the Bounty);…

  5. Jean KHOURY says:

    I like movies as “The Blue Angel”, starring Curt Jurgens, May Britt; “Ryan’s Daughter”, starring Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles; “Back Street”, starring Susan Hayward, John Gavin; “Some Like It Hot”, starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack lemmon;…

  6. Jean KHOURY says:

    “Cape Fear”, starring Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum,…is an excellent thriller…

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