Gail Russell

Gail Russell (September 21, 1924 – August 26, 1961) was an ill-fated American film and television actress. A beautiful and popular actress during the 1940’s, Russell was found dead in her apartment in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, at the age of 36. She had died from liver damage attributed to her addiction to alcohol.

Gail Russell

Gail Russell

Gail Russell 1948

Gail Russell from the movie “El Paso” (1949)

Gail Russell taking a break from the filming of “Song of India” (1949)

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    The thing about Gail Russell was she was a fine actress with a great look about her that made you want to watch her. Pity she didn’t have such confidence in her own ability to perform that seemingly lead to her drinking her life away.

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