5 Tips on Installing a Solar Water Heater for your Home

Did you get your electricity bill this month? Was it high? Of course, it was, this is why millions of people already chose to do something about it and ended their electricity bills by installing solar panels. So far, power companies made us believe that we can’t do without them, but this is entirely not true.

There’s a solution for every problem if you look deep enough. The problem of high electricity bills is solvable easily by installing a solar panel on your home rooftop. There are many different types of solutions, but the best one is the water heater powered by the sun. See more about this here.

In this article, we’re talking more about these machines and how to install properly one of them in your home. We will talk more about the power of the sun and you using it, but more importantly about how to make sure you’re getting the best. Follow up and learn more about this topic in the content below.

1. Make sure it’s facing south

The first thing you need to mind is the place where the item will be installed. You need to have a roof facing south, which is the most important issue to address before doing anything. Why south you may ask. Because in the northern hemisphere, where the USA is, the sun is shining the brightest on the southern sky.

That means you’ll get the most sun hours, and the brightest shine if the panel is facing south. If you place it in a different direction, you’ll get less of the action. If you look at all other systems like these, you’ll see that they are all facing the same direction.

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Before calling anyone or buying anything, it’s smart to go on your roof and see if it is possible to place it there facing south. If you have a tall building blocking your sight at the south, then you might not be eligible for one, and it will only be wasting money

2. Hire a highly professional company to do it

When you’re about to start, you need to find the right company to install it for you. This is a highly complex job, and you probably can’t do it alone. That means you need to find the best guys for the job.

The first thing to do is locate a business providing and installing these items. It’s best if you find and choose a local business because they are a better choice than those coming from afar. For example, living in Sacramento, means you want a Sacramento solar water heater company to get the job done.

It’s not easy locating a perfect one, but if you spend some time researching and analyzing, you’ll surely find one that will be great. Go through the social networks, the search engines, and see who offers this kind of service in your part of the city.

3. Look for reviews about the heater and the company

Before making your choice, you must do some research. We already mentioned that going through company options is a must before making a choice, but to know who truly the best is, you must spend some time going through online reviews left by people like you that had the chance to work with some of these companies.

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Another thing you need to look at when reviews are in question is the product you’re getting. What does this mean? Not all solar water heaters are the same. There are some made in the US, and others made in China. You know which ones are better and worth purchasing.

That means going through some reviews will help you realize which products are better and which ones need to be avoided. It’s the same for the products as for the companies. Go through reviews and see which ones have a better reputation. Those with an excellent reputation are worth working with.

4. Ask for a warranty

Solar water heaters are complex machines and you must be sure that they’ll work flawlessly at all times. You need to ask for a warranty before getting one so you can be sure that no matter what happens, someone will come over and help you deal with the problem. See what warranties do here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/w/warranty.asp.

Also, a warranty is a way to force manufacturers and sellers to give you a high-quality product. If the manufacturer isn’t convinced that they are selling you a top-notch product, they won’t provide the warranty. Getting one that will last at least a few years is a sure way to know that you’re getting a great deal.

5. Compare pricing between competitors

Finally, compare prices between competitors. With multiple companies on the market, you can find tons of those who sell the same products for a better price. Of course, the price is dictated by market supply and demand, but also some companies will offer a better deal based on their experience and dominance compared to the other competitors in the field.

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In other words, it’s wise to look at the options and see what works best for you. If you’re not on a budget, then those who sell for a higher price might be a good option, because if the price is higher, they must have a way why they offered it. If the price is lower, you’ll save some money, but you’ll probably get a less experienced and skilled company to work on your project.