8 Pros You May Need If You Build Your Own Home Theater

8 Pros You May Need If You Build Your Own Home Theater

You have decided to build a home theater but now what. Who can help you wade through the maze of choices you have to make to build a truly fantastic home theater room that you will enjoy and be proud to show off.

Here is a list of 8 professionals you need if you don’t want to do a lot of reading and research on your own.


You may not need the full services of an architect unless you are adding on a room to use for the home theater, but it wouldn’t hurt to get some ideas from a consultation with one that is familiar with home theaters, if you are going to spend over $25,000.00 on the project

Audio/Video Consultant

Definitely want to include this one in all but the smallest project. If you are only going to roll a TV into a room and add some speakers and a DVD player, fine, but otherwise this pro can contribute greatly to the final success of the project.

The Audio/Visual Consultant will help you select the right mix of components for the display and sound systems. Then hook them up so they all play nice together. This Pro needs to be consulted early on in the planning stages so they can make recommendations for room sizes, materials and so on.

Building or Remodeling Contractor

The contractors role is to direct and schedule all the other trades once the planning is over and the project is ready to start. They will also pull any necessary permits that you need for the job.

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Computer Systems Consultant

Only needed with larger systems or if you have networking needs with other computers in the home.

Electrical Contractor

You will probably need a dedicated electrical circuit for your theater so as not to get any interference from other electrical uses in the home.

Home Networking Consultant

If you need to have a wired or wireless network to carry voice, data, video or security wiring over the rest of the house.

Interior Designer

This Pro will make everything look good and blend the whole theme together. Seating, carpet, wall coverings and paint will have to gel just right. Don’t skimp here if you want to show off your creation later.

Lighting Consultant

Often overlooked, but can be the cherry on top. The perfect lighting will set the perfect mood for the whole experience. Key areas accented by just the right light can be the difference between perfect and so-so.

The more money you plan to spend the more of these Pros you will likely use. If you are on a tight budget though, you may want to only consider those Pros that are absolutely necessary to complete the project successfully.