Checklist Before You Prepare Your Home for New Floor Installation

Once you have decided to go for new flooring in your house, then it is necessary to prepare the home, so that the flooring installer may install the flooring materials. Installing craftsman will also need free space, so that they can work in a convenient manner and installation work can be done by maintaining proper quality.

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Also, before you call the flooring installation contractor, you must prepare your home and make sure about the following:

Remove all breakables

Before installation professionals arrive, it is necessary that all glass items or anything that can easily break should not be present on the site. You may keep all of them at some safe place.

Ensure all remodelling works are completed

In case any remodelling works are to be done, then it should be completed before you install any new flooring. Also, any other repair works must be completed. If you want to put wall papers then it must be done beforehand.

Decide who will shift your furniture

When you are hiring your floor installer, then it is necessary to discuss with them about shifting of your heavy furniture and restoring them back. They will then quote their price accordingly and there will be no confusion.

Arrange your electrical/gas connections

There is a possibility of electrical or gas lines passing through the floor and hence it is necessary that before the installation work starts, all these supply lines must be switched off.

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Shift your children and pets

Make sure that when the work is in progress, your young children or pets should not be present nearby. This is for their safety as during the work in progress there will be lots of disturbances in the site.

Whether you need any change of floor height

Some of the floorings can be directly glued in your existing floor itself. In that case, your height of the floor may get increased too. There can be a problem with adjusting your furniture or other fittings. So, you need to consider it before.

Ensure that temperature is at an appropriate level for installation

Make sure that the temperature inside the room is conducive enough to do the work and it is within the recommended temperature level, so that the quality of work may not be affected.

You have enough things to worry about as a property owner, so give your flooring installation experience success by preparing the surface the right way. Avoiding to take time for these steps, will lead to mistakes and you ended up with ugly flooring: uneven, peeling, or even bubbling finished floors over time. Make sure to follow these simple steps. It might come back if you don’t prepare for the installation the proper way. Whether you’re installing hardwood, carpet, laminate, tile, or vinyl planks, follow these tips to get the best result Then, let the experts take over in creating your beautiful new floor!