Design Your Own State-Of-The-Art Home Theater

Design Your Own State-Of-The-Art Home Theater

A home theater is unquestioningly the latest must-have gadget for movie-buffs. It totally transforms your movie-experience, engrossing you in the fine-picture quality and rich sound effects.

If you have embarked on the task of designing your own theater, the good news is that it is easy. Given your creativity and an understanding of basics of acoustics and interior, you can give it any look you want.

The first rule is to get the equipment right. Window-shop around to find the latest models in Home Theater TV and Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 surround speakers. Don’t buy a TV or speaker set that has a shiny or steel-like exterior as they can be an unnecessary nuisance to the eye. Go for softer and darker tones and a matte finish. You can hire professional help for home theater installation, which would take care of the speaker positioning in the room, plus concealing the wiring after installation.

Have you selected the room which is going to house your home theater? For the choice of room, light plays a very important role. A theater has to be inevitably dark, so you can opt for the room where natural daylight is minimal. The walls should be in a soothing & somewhat darker color; avoid white and creamy shades. The TV installation should be such that it in front of window and not facing it to avoid reflection off the screen. Its height should also be adjusted to be in your line of sight while sitting and enjoying watching your favorite shows.

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Next important element of your design would be selection and placement of furniture. You can opt for comfy leather couches or reclining chairs in the room. Go for darker tones throughout the interior so that they can blend easily with each other. You will also need shelves for storage of CD’s and DVD’s and for camouflaging some of the equipment. They can be either built in the wall, or wooden. Wooden shelves are a great idea because wood can absorb the sound and prevent echo. Glass cupboards should be avoided because they can cause reflections. Similarly thick drapes and rugs and pillows will enrich the sound effect because they are good acoustic materials.

If you make sure, all the points have been considered for Home-Theater installation you will reap maximum rewards and in this case its sound quality

Home theater installation can be a piece of cake.