Home Theater, How to Mount a TV on a Wall

Home Theater, How to Mount a TV on a Wall

With all of the great technology available, you can have movie night in your home instead of trooping off to the theater and paying ten bucks a shot for seat plus a lot more for that popcorn and soda. If you are ready to rev up your home’s entertainment value, you are probably already in the market for or have purchased a home theater system. In order to derive the most benefit from your purchase, you’ll need to know some basics about home theater. How to Mount a TV on a wall is just one.

Mounting a flat screen television on your wall is not anything like hanging a painting. It is so much more than driving in a nail or two, and making sure the thing is level. First, before you begin the actual mounting, you need to determine where on the wall the screen should be placed in order to provide optimum viewing from all parts of the room. Then, you need to ensure that you have access to the electronics and/or cable or satellite input. There will be a DVD, a DVR, a game system console and other peripherals, including the home theater sound system to provide space for, too. Location is step one.

Step two is ensuring that you have the proper hardware to mount the unit. They may not be as heavy as they once were, but they are pricey enough you want to ensure they don’t topple off. So, invest in a good hardware kit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

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Of course, the simplest way to ensure your wide screen is up on the wall in the right place and with the right security is to hire a pro. Most retailers provide installation service. The pros know about home theater and how to mount a TV on a wall where you will get the best value for your investment in quality home entertainment.