How to Figure Correct HDTV Viewing Distances

How to Figure Correct HDTV Viewing Distances

With the huge leaps and bounds that TV manufacturers have made when it comes to delivering ultra-high definition images into the home theater market, you can actually place these newer HDTV units much closer to your living room couch than ever before. Still, most consumers new to home theater need to have some type of formula for figuring out exactly where to position that huge 60-inch HDTV after they have spent their hard-earned money on purchasing the component.

So let’s say your new HDTV is at least 52-inches in width and you want to create a home theater experience in your smaller living room area of your home. A good rule of thumb would be to position the unit away from any light glares emanating from the closest window, first of all. Light glares shining onto a very bright LED TV screen won’t have that much of an impact on your movie-watching experience during the daylight hours, but if an outdoor light is coming through your window at night, that glare will cause a big image problem when watching movies after darkness falls.


Even if you have an LCD or plasma screen, it is still advisable to position your TV away from all light sources and to make sure that your TV’s speakers are unobstructed by hard surfaces like counter tops or doorway arch areas. As most HDTV units have crisp and bright images, these newer units can be positioned about nine feet or so away from your home theater seats.

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That rule of thumb is good for the 52-inch LED, LCD or plasma TV unit you just purchased, along with any set that is at least 46-inches wide as well. When you start going under 46-inches, you can position those units about seven to eight feet away from you or your visitors with no problems at all. Again, if you do not want to experience headaches or eye fatigue when watching a 3D movie or huge sporting event that features blurry football players, you might want to position your new TV another foot away from your viewing area.


All viewing and listening preferences are up to the viewer’s own personal tastes, so you should always evaluate the types of shows and movies you will be watching on a regular basis in order to figure out the perfect viewing distances for your new HDTV unit.