Samsung LN52b750 52 LCD – Does it Truly Deliver Superior Sound Quality?

Samsung LN52b750 52 LCD – Does it Truly Deliver Superior Sound Quality?

If you are on the search for a quality big screen, it is must that you look far beyond the pixels offered by manufacturers, to the great sound that big screen TV’s offer. However not all TV’s are created equal when it comes to the precise sound reproduction. The Samsung LN52b750 52 LCD is head and shoulder above the rest when comes to the providing the best surround sound on the market today, with an affordable price that you just can’t pass up.

Here are the following reasons why you will love this TV:

Its look

With a whopping 52 inches of viewing pleasure and a charcoal gray color, it virtual looks great anywhere in any room. Offering 1080p of resolution, means that the sharpness of the picture will always look phenomenal, even while watching fast paced sporting events or computer generated image-produced movies. Samsung LN52b750 52 LCD presents 150,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio making sure the speed of color changes are always fast enough that you won’t notice them change. If your television does not have this ratio, you will notice because you will see a blur especially while watching sports.

Immersive Sound

The Samsung LN52b750 52 LCD comes with a built-in superior sound that pumps through two 10 watt built-in speakers. Like big screen movies, the Samsung offers SRS TruSurround sound, which guarantees you will have a movie theater experience every time you sit down and turn it on.

Enough Space for Peripherals

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Most manufacturers leave little to no room for plugging in all your favorite peripherals such as gaming consoles, DVD players, satellite boxes, computers and surround sound systems. You will not find that with the Samsung LN52b750 52 LCD. This Samsung model has enough ports to plug-in all the above with room to spare.

Because this television is not at the higher end of the price scale compared to other models, you find it to be a fantastic buy that not only offers a great viewing experience but great listening enjoyment as well.