Sensational Sights & Sounds of the Season – Home Entertainment Tips to Get Ready For the Holidays

Sensational Sights & Sounds of the Season – Home Entertainment Tips to Get Ready For the Holidays

Have you ever given or received home theater equipment for the holidays? Looking back, would you have enjoyed it even more if your home entertainment space had been ready in advance of the holiday parties and festivities? Enjoy the sights and sounds of the season by setting up your theater / media room before the season starts!

Picture yourself with friends and family, watching all those wonderful holiday movies in your own home theater, indoors and out! Equipment options seem limitless and prices have never been more affordable. If it’s a television (LCD, plasma or weatherproof HDTVs), movie screen or something more that you’re after, consult with a home theater specialist to find out what works best for you and your family.

Oh, the sounds of the season! Imagine a whole house music system with speakers in the living room, bedroom, patio, office and even in the bathrooms, all playing the same music. Entertaining has never been easier! Enjoy music throughout your home for the holidays. Speakers can be installed in the ceiling or in the walls; adjust the level of sound with simple volume controls or with sophisticated touch screen systems depending on your needs.

Have your home theater installed by a professional before the holidays start. That way you can sit back, relax and enjoy all the music and movies of the season!

Additional advice from the pros:

Many of today’s HDTVs have special screen coatings that can be harmed by cleaning products and glass cleaners. Use a clean, soft, dry cloth to remove any lint or dust. To remove finger prints and smudges, you can use a slightly damp cloth with warm water only. Use a light touch with cleaning, taking care not to put a lot of pressure on the surface.

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If you have a TV or projector that uses a lamp, check the hours and get a spare lamp. Many DLP HDTVs and projectors use a special lamp (light bulb) and these lamps will last anywhere between 2,000 to 6,000 hours. Many lamps have to be special ordered and can take several days or more to come in. So check your TV settings; most offer a lamp counter in the menu that will help you know when to replace the lamp with a new one.

Test all your existing entertainment systems now, including outdoor speakers and TVs in guest rooms. Some of these systems are seldom used, so don’t wait until your party guests and relatives arrive. Take 10 minutes now to check and make sure everything is working just fine.

Don’t forget the accessories, including extra cables and additional items which may be needed to complete an installation. This is especially important if you’re giving a gift, so when that special person opens their new BluRay HD DVD player or video game console they can start using it right away.

Spend your time with your guests, not your sound system. Create play lists now for your iPod or CD changer. You’ll have the sounds of the season ready whenever you need them.

Free up some media space or get some more. Having plenty of blank discs, space on your digital media cards and memory for your video files is a must for capturing cherished memories of the season.

Use timers to control your holiday decorations and lighting, turning on controlled items at designated times and turning off after a set number of hours (or even instant on at dusk and off at dawn). Easy-to-use timers for indoor and outdoor control are widely available at hardware, home improvement and department stores.

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Stock up on batteries for holiday gifts, remote controls and smoke detectors.