Why Choose Microfiber As Upholstery For Home Theater Seating

Why Choose Microfiber As Upholstery For Home Theater Seating

Movie watching has become a family affair and a home theater room can bring families closer, thus increasing interaction between children and their parents. With today’s work schedules this is difficult to achieve for many parents but when one finds time, what better way to spend it than in comfortable seats. Even the cup holders are conveniently placed on the arm rests for easy access. Every feature of home theater seats is designed to enhance the visceral experience of movie watching. One of the questions that remains is which fabric to choose for theater seats. Will your choice meet everyone’s needs? Will that choice be within your budget?

Microfibers, also known as microdeniers or microsuedes, have been the latest craze when it comes to performance fabrics. The texture of microfiber feels like peach skin but it’s not as delicate as it seems. Looks can be deceiving. Just because a fabric looks or feels soft doesn’t mean that it is a weak fabric.

In fact, it’s inherently stain resistant. Its short polyester fibers repel liquids much more easily than other fabrics. It does not stain easily. It is lightweight, highly absorbent, and does not wrinkle easily. How can one enjoy a theater room without the obligatory popcorn and soda? It’s perfect for those spills that will eventually occur on your home theater seating. Spills from soda or juice are no longer a nightmare. Now they can be effortlessly cleaned with mild soap and water. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite movie and not have to worry about those inevitable spills. The rich, velvety hand and the color options of microfiber can take your home theater seating area in a number of directions. Whatever fabric color you desire, it’s probably available with microfibers. You can go wild or go with an earth-tone. It’s all up to you.

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In comparison to leather, for example, microfibers are not as expensive and everyone can use a break from their pocket book during these tough economic times. Also, if you don’t prefer the feel of leather then microfiber is a better choice because it performs just as well as the pricier leather.

If a uniform look is important to you, realize that microfibers will show variation if rubbed back and forth like that of suede. But then again, that is part of the character of this performance fabric. It is unique in every sense of the word.