Essential Dimensions For Home Theater Seating Layout

Essential Dimensions For Home Theater Seating Layout

Wouldn’t it be nice to lounge in your own home theater and space out while watching your favorite film? To achieve all these, you need to have a theater room that has ample space for you’re and for your seats. It is not very comfortable to be cramping your legs as you watch a movie. In this regard, it is important to take into consideration the proper floor areas or space requirements that are necessary for the home theater seating area.

The total floor area that is adequate for the seating section of your home theater highly depends on the capacity you want to have. Another consideration is the size and the precise of model of seat you want to use. As a basic rule, keep in mind that the most ideal arrangement of seats is by rows and there should be sufficient space for each chair. A minimum of 24 inches per one seat is optimum. Additional space requirement is also necessary for the arm rests and also for the end seats.

Another tip is also to make use sofas instead of the usual chairs. The seats can also be your favorite oversized chairs for added comfort. With this type of chair, see to it that you also provide a minimum of 9 sq ft per one seat. The clearance for the space in between rows should be about 20 inches. This is quite relative as you may be using the unconventional ones.

The overall layout of the entire theater is also a huge factors especially with you may use of a specialized design for the enclosing walls. To access every row inside the theater, an aisle that has width of a minimum of 30 inches is highly recommended. Taking all these dimensions is crucial to achieve an excellent layout for your home theater seating arrangement.

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