HDMI Wall Plates for A Clean, Professional Look

HDMI Wall Plates for A Clean, Professional Look

The use of HDMI wall plates has become more and more common in both home theater and commercial audio video system installations. An HDMI wall plate is basically a pass-through plate that allows you to better manage HDMI cables that are installed in the wall. An HDMI wall plate is usually a simple one gang decorative wall plate that has a female to female HDMI module integrated into the plate. This allows you to connect the longer in-wall HDMI cables onto the panel while you install shorter and easier to manage HDMI cables externally from the wall plate to your HDMI devices. Not only does the use of wall plates protect your longer more expensive HDMI cables but it also gives your installation a more professional look!

The reality is that HDMI cables do go bad. The most common reason for them going bad is because they are constantly pulled on, bent, twisted, and moved around by us! The reality is that the cable in your wall is a longer more expensive cable. Not to mention it took some time to install it in the wall. This is even more prevalent if you are working with longer than normal cables that are 25 to 50 feet long. But even your common 10 foot cable that is in the wall behind your wall mounted LCD took some time to install. And it was not cheap! So using an HDMI plate protects those longer cables by leaving them in the wall untouched. This allows you to now use the less expensive shorter cables to be exposed and available for everyday use. The use of a panel also creates a permanent HDMI outlet so you can plug in and un-plug HDMI devices when ever needed. So in reality you are wiring your outlets for HDMI!

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A wall plate also helps organizes your HDMI cables so your installation looks cleaner and more professional. By using an HDMI plate you are now controlling the lengths of your cables so there is not a bunch of extra cable laying all over your components. Everyone wants their home theater installation to look professional. By using HDMI plates that mission is accomplished!

HDMI wall plates come in numerous options and set ups. An HDMI cable is usually not the only cable you will have installed in your wall. You can get these wall panels that also include F connectors, RCA connectors, and multiple HDMI modules. There really is not a set up that you need for which there is no for an enclosure. So when designing your home theater installation do your planning and don’t forget to use home theater wall plates to help organize and manage all your audio video cables. Usually, they are low priced but they will for sure make your installation look expensive!