Designing the Ideal Home Theater System

Designing the Ideal Home Theater System

Putting together that dream entertainment center, piece-by-piece, is something that requires time, money and taste in effective technology. Through the choice of powerful speakers, high-resolution displays, proper placement and efficient bargain hunting, you can cut the costs and still produce a home theater that leaves the neighbours coming back for more.

Consider the room you have to work with, the budget you are limited by, shopping areas available, and how much you really want to “Wow” your house guests while reading the paragraphs below.

Your speakers are a fundamental piece of the puzzle. It is often believed that the bigger, larger and louder you can push your coils, the better your home theater will present itself.

In reality, more important factors, such as proper enclosures, amplification and placement of your speakers will determine the overall sound-quality of your system. Given any number of possible living arrangements, you should usually opt to place small tweeters in the high-corners, mid-ranges near the sitting area and your woofers near the television and back of the audience.

The resolution displayed on your monitor goes a long way in determining the picture quality and acceptance of the media presented. Large screens without efficient resolutions will look worse the closer you position your seating arrangements and are often less desirable than a smaller television with a sharper image.

The speakers on your TV may be omitted thanks to your revolutionary sound layout, but never forget to keep a clear path to the infrared port and an extra controller between the cushions.

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Wireless technology reaches further than the laptops and mobile phones of our youth. Thanks to revolutions in the industry, we have been able to step away from the singular IR port on the front of our devices and create an elaborate network of microwaves, each bouncing from one controller to the other and perfecting the user’s experience.

Find the best pre-amps, DVD/Blu-Ray players and universal remotes that work with bluetooth or WiFi capabilities.

A master controller beyond the controller is the cherry atop the pudding. Using a laptop is generally accepted in this case, allowing it to be the center of your media and music for all the arriving guests.

Simply select a few songs, load your favourite play lists and jam away without ever ejecting a single disk. When you do take the time to watch a DVD, laptops also make a great center for saving the video as it is being displayed or acting as the actual DVD player itself.

Likewise, you can use your favourite video players and movie subscriptions to keep the room free of clutter and full of fun.

Showing off the new home theater to the neighbours is a real treat. Taking the time to choose the best devices, speakers, components and laying the grid in your allotted space may be a difficult task at first, but via the use of tips like those above, you can ease the pain and gain a professional edge on the competition. Turn up the volume and let your system do the work for you!