Song Kang as Cha Hyun-soo: Leading the Cast of Sweet Home

Song Kang stars as Cha Hyun-soo, the central figure in the Netflix series Sweet Home. Hyun-soo is a high school student dealing with severe depression and isolation after a family tragedy. He moves into the Green Home apartment complex, where he plans to end his life, only to find himself in the middle of a bizarre and terrifying phenomenon. Song Kang’s portrayal of Hyun-soo captures the character’s transformation from a reclusive teenager to an unexpected hero. His nuanced performance brings out the inner turmoil and gradual courage of Hyun-soo as he fights both internal and external monsters.

Lee Jin-wook as Pyeon Sang-wook

Lee Jin-wook plays Pyeon Sang-wook, a mysterious and rugged man with a scarred face and a violent past. Initially perceived as a dangerous individual, Sang-wook’s true nature unfolds as the series progresses. Lee Jin-wook brings a compelling intensity to the character, making Sang-wook both intimidating and sympathetic. His backstory, revealed through flashbacks and interactions with other residents, adds depth to his character. Sang-wook’s complex relationship with another resident, Yoon Ji-soo, showcases his softer side, making him one of the most layered characters in Sweet Home.

Lee Si-young as Seo Yi-kyung

Lee Si-young portrays Seo Yi-kyung, a former firefighter with exceptional physical and survival skills. Yi-kyung is one of the strongest characters in the series, both mentally and physically. Lee Si-young’s athleticism and intensity are evident in her portrayal, making Yi-kyung a formidable force against the monsters. Her character’s backstory, involving the search for her missing fiancé, adds a personal dimension to her relentless fight for survival. Yi-kyung’s leadership and resourcefulness are crucial to the group’s survival, and her presence brings a sense of determination and hope.

Lee Do-hyun as Lee Eun-hyuk

Lee Do-hyun plays Lee Eun-hyuk, a medical student who becomes the de facto leader of the Green Home survivors. Eun-hyuk’s intelligence and calm demeanor make him a natural leader, despite his young age. Lee Do-hyun’s performance is marked by a quiet strength and emotional depth, portraying Eun-hyuk’s struggle to make tough decisions for the safety of the group. His character is often seen as cold and calculating, but his actions are driven by a deep sense of responsibility and care for his younger sister, Eun-yoo, and the other residents.

Park Gyu-young as Yoon Ji-soo

Park Gyu-young plays Yoon Ji-soo, a bass guitarist with a resilient spirit. Ji-soo uses music as a means of coping and bringing comfort to herself and others in the midst of chaos. Park Gyu-young’s portrayal of Ji-soo is both heartwarming and strong, as she navigates the terrifying events with courage and compassion. Her character forms a close bond with Sang-wook, and their relationship adds an emotional layer to the narrative. Ji-soo’s optimism and determination to survive make her a vital part of the group’s morale and strength.

Go Min-si as Lee Eun-yoo

Go Min-si stars as Lee Eun-yoo, the younger sister of Eun-hyuk. Eun-yoo is a former ballerina who struggles with the loss of her dance career and the apocalyptic events unfolding around her. Go Min-si brings a blend of vulnerability and resilience to Eun-yoo, depicting her journey from a troubled teenager to a brave survivor. Her relationship with her brother Eun-hyuk is central to her character, showcasing their mutual dependence and the emotional stakes of their survival. Eun-yoo’s growth and adaptability make her a compelling character in the series.

Kim Nam-hee as Jung Jae-heon

Kim Nam-hee plays Jung Jae-heon, a devout Christian and skilled swordsman. Jae-heon’s faith and sense of justice guide his actions, often putting him in the role of protector within the group. Kim Nam-hee’s performance highlights Jae-heon’s inner conflict and unwavering dedication to his beliefs. His character’s journey involves balancing his religious convictions with the harsh realities of their situation. Jae-heon’s courage and moral compass provide a strong foundation for the group, making him a key figure in their collective fight for survival.

Kim Kap-soo as An Gil-seob

Kim Kap-soo portrays An Gil-seob, an elderly resident with a terminal illness. Despite his condition, Gil-seob is a source of wisdom and compassion for the younger survivors. Kim Kap-soo’s performance adds a touching and humane element to the series, emphasizing the importance of kindness and solidarity in desperate times. His character’s bond with Han Du-sik, a young girl, highlights the intergenerational support and emotional connections that form within the group. Gil-seob’s presence serves as a reminder of the humanity and dignity that persist even in the darkest circumstances.

Woo Hyun as Kim Seok-hyun

Woo Hyun plays Kim Seok-hyun, the manager of the Green Home complex. Initially depicted as self-serving and cowardly, Seok-hyun’s character experiences significant growth throughout the series. Woo Hyun’s portrayal captures Seok-hyun’s transformation from a fearful individual to someone willing to take risks for the sake of the group. His evolving bravery and sense of responsibility add complexity to the character dynamics within the series. Seok-hyun’s journey underscores themes of redemption and the potential for change, even in the face of overwhelming fear and danger.