Song Kang as Cha Hyun-soo

Song Kang takes on the lead role of Cha Hyun-soo in the Netflix series Sweet Home. His character is a reclusive high school student who moves into the Green Home apartment complex after a family tragedy. Song Kang’s portrayal of Hyun-soo is compelling, capturing the character’s journey from despair to reluctant heroism. He navigates through a world turned upside down by a mysterious phenomenon that turns people into monsters. Hyun-soo’s internal struggle and evolving bravery are central to the series, and Song Kang’s performance adds depth to this transformation.

Lee Jin-wook as Pyeon Sang-wook

Lee Jin-wook plays Pyeon Sang-wook, a mysterious and brooding character with a dark past. Known for his intimidating presence and burn scars, Sang-wook initially appears as an antihero but gradually reveals a more complex, protective side. Lee Jin-wook’s intense and nuanced portrayal helps to peel back the layers of his character, making Sang-wook one of the most intriguing figures in Sweet Home. His interactions with other residents, especially as a reluctant protector, showcase his character’s evolution from a lone wolf to a key member of the community’s defense against the monsters.

Lee Si-young as Seo Yi-kyung

Lee Si-young stars as Seo Yi-kyung, a former firefighter with exceptional survival skills. Yi-kyung’s athleticism and tactical knowledge make her a formidable force against the monstrous threats. Lee Si-young’s performance brings a physical intensity and emotional resilience to Yi-kyung, portraying her as a strong, determined woman who becomes a natural leader within the Green Home. Yi-kyung’s backstory, involving the search for her missing fiancé, adds a layer of personal motivation that drives her actions throughout the series.

Lee Do-hyun as Lee Eun-hyuk

Lee Do-hyun plays Lee Eun-hyuk, a medical student who becomes the de facto leader of the Green Home survivors. Eun-hyuk’s intelligence and calm demeanor are crucial in organizing the residents and strategizing their defense. Lee Do-hyun’s portrayal of Eun-hyuk balances rationality with empathy, highlighting the character’s burden of making difficult decisions under pressure. His leadership is often challenged, revealing the character’s vulnerabilities and the weight of responsibility he carries in such dire circumstances.

Park Gyu-young as Yoon Ji-soo

Park Gyu-young portrays Yoon Ji-soo, a resourceful and compassionate bass guitarist. Ji-soo’s character is marked by her resilience and the hope she brings to the group, often using music as a means of comfort and connection. Park Gyu-young’s performance captures Ji-soo’s warmth and determination, making her a beloved character among the residents. Her interactions with others, particularly in forming bonds of friendship and support, highlight the human spirit’s endurance amidst chaos.

Go Min-si as Lee Eun-yoo

Go Min-si plays Lee Eun-yoo, the younger sister of Eun-hyuk, who is a talented ballet dancer. Eun-yoo’s character is initially seen as rebellious and distant, but as the series progresses, she reveals her inner strength and caring nature. Go Min-si’s portrayal brings a youthful yet determined energy to Eun-yoo, capturing her growth from a frustrated teenager to a vital member of the survivor group. Her relationship with her brother Eun-hyuk adds an emotional layer to the story, showcasing their bond and mutual dependence in a world gone mad.

Kim Nam-hee as Jung Jae-heon

Kim Nam-hee takes on the role of Jung Jae-heon, a devout Christian and skilled swordsman. Jae-heon’s faith and moral compass guide his actions, often placing him in the role of protector. Kim Nam-hee’s portrayal imbues Jae-heon with a sense of righteousness and courage, making him a compelling figure in the battle against the monsters. His character’s devotion and sense of justice provide a contrast to the chaos around him, highlighting themes of faith and sacrifice.

Kim Kap-soo as An Gil-seob

Veteran actor Kim Kap-soo plays An Gil-seob, an elderly resident with a terminal illness. Despite his condition, Gil-seob is portrayed as wise and kind-hearted, offering wisdom and comfort to his fellow survivors. Kim Kap-soo’s performance adds a touching and humane element to the series, emphasizing the importance of compassion and solidarity. His character’s interactions with others, particularly his bond with the young girl Han Du-sik, portrayed by Park Ah-in, highlight the series’ emotional depth.

Woo Hyun as Kim Seok-hyun

Woo Hyun plays Kim Seok-hyun, the manager of the Green Home complex. His character is initially self-serving but eventually shows moments of bravery and leadership. Woo Hyun’s portrayal captures Seok-hyun’s evolution from a cowardly figure to someone willing to stand up for the group, adding complexity to the character dynamics within the series. His journey underscores the theme of transformation and the potential for growth even in the direst circumstances.