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Get an Authentic Cinematic Experience

Get an Authentic Cinematic Experience

Once you’ve decided to create a dedicated home theater, you’ll need to consider the TV or projector setup, sound system, wiring, and decor. One aspect is no more important than another, but your home theatre furniture can pull your technology and staging together to create a realistic cinema experience.

True home theater chairs are not the same as everyday family room furniture. Home theatre seating is designed for comfort, versatility, enjoyment, and authenticity. Here are some features you can find in a variety of Home Theater recliners:

Ambient base rail lighting provides gentle lighting for a “cool” cinema feel.

Buttkicker is a built-in silent subwoofer that vibrates in sync with the TV’s sound.

Lighted cupholders add a touch of ambiance and make it easy to find drinks in the dark, helping to reduce spills.

In-arm storage is great for storing remotes and DVDs.

Removable swivel tables provide a place for snacks or a laptop computer.

Motorized recline adds to the special feel of the room with luxurious and silent electric reclining.

Reclining at the touch of a button or handle.

Space-saving mechanisms that let you place seats within inches of the wall and still recline.

Modular home theatre seating so you can choose the number of seats you need, the number of rows, and create your own floor plan.

Seating comes in full-size and smaller-scale models to suit your space.

Removable backs to make our furniture easier to move – across the room or across town.

A top-notch home theater experience doesn’t just come from the combination of some A/V equipment and a few recliners or a sofa in your home living room. To capture a true cinematic experience, one must consider the details, especially where seating is concerned. Answer these questions to determine your seating needs:

How many seats should I plan for? Before you choose media room seating, think about how many people will use the room at any given time. Plan to accommodate the whole family plus guests.

How should I arrange seating? Theater chairs are modular and built to be configured in straight or curved rows. Experts recommend straight rows for large projection screens or curved rows for viewing a centrally located TV screen.

What size? Home theatre chairs are available in small and large scale to accommodate spaces and people of different sizes. Will you need to accommodate a taller or larger person? If so, consider larger-scale home theater furniture if your space will allow it. Is your space limited? Look into smaller-scale models.

Home theater seating or a regular sofa? True home theater seats are modular and have armrests and built-in cupholders. If you would prefer to do without these features, consider a comfortable, reclining sofa or sectional instead.

What’s my style? There are hundreds of home theatre chairs in hundreds of fabrics and colors. Do research online to see which styles appeal to you.

Planning a room is fun, but it can be a challenge. Take your time and research your options thoroughly.…

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Turn Your Basement Into a Virtual Shooting Gallery

Turn Your Basement Into a Virtual Shooting Gallery

An indoor shooting simulator is easy to add on to most projection based home theater systems, and in most cases is an inexpensive way to add hours of entertainment for the whole family. People of all ages enjoy playing the wide range of games that are available for the system, everything from “Baseball Challenge” to “Elephant Hunter” will keep your family and friends entertained. Utilizing a shooting simulator is not only a great way to add excitement to your home theater room; it is also a get way to keep your shooting skills sharp.

System Basics:

There are a few basic requirements for adding a shooting simulator to an existing home theater. The simulator runs on a normal Windows based computer, software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The image is broadcast through a projector to a screen, which most projectors and home theater screens will be suitable for use with this simulator. Now all you need to add is a basic simulator package, which includes a rifle, case, camera and five games. Installation of the simulator will only take about thirty minutes to setup and install the new software and hardware. Now you are ready to start enjoying the very best of simulated shooting. To recap the items you need: computer, projector, screen and a simulator package.

Benefits of Indoor Shooting:

There are many advantages to adding an indoor shooting simulator to you home theater room, these are just a few.

Convenience- having the ability to practice your shooting skills from within your own house, cuts down on drive time to the range and you can fire up your system anytime you want.

Cost Savings- ammunition is expensive! You will save a lot of money practicing your skills using a true to life replica laser firearm verses using live ammo.

Safety- using a laser firearm is a much safer weapon to practice will and it’s a lot better for your hearing. They are as precise as AR-15 rifles but with no risk of accidental firing.

Shooting Variety- with a shooting simulator you have the ability to practice your skills on a wide range of software titles. You can practice shooting skeet and with just a touch of a button you can switch over to another game and practice your marksmanship on simulated popup targets.

Entertainment- Gather you friends and family, challenge them for the highest score or for bragging rights.

Packages and Software:

With this system, there are many packages of both hardware and software available. Looking for a portable package or maybe a complete package if you don’t have a projector, computer and screen? Those packages and more are available. There are over 35 software titles currently available, which can be purchased separately or in 15 game packages. Software titles are being added, so you will always have the option to buy the latest games on the market. Do you have the best Halloween party on your block? There is a Halloween software package that will insure your party is unforgettable. Do you have a young hunter or marksman that could benefit from “Hunter’s Education” software? It is an option on this simulator. Teach them everything from ethical shooting to animal anatomy, with the hunter’s Ed package. Looking to hone your archery skills? This simulator has packages available for you bow enthusiasts. There are several optional firearms which can be added to the system, to maximize the skill development and enjoyment of the simulator.

Adding a shooting simulator to your theater room is easy and a cost effective way of increasing the entertainment value of your room as well as improve shooting skills. If you would like some more information on the shooting simulators or have any questions please contact me through the website.…

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How to Decide on a Type of Home Theater Seating

How to Decide on a Type of Home Theater Seating

Other than the audio and visual components, there is another vitally important element to a media room. It is the seating itself. Like your audio and visual systems, the type of seating you choose to install will vary depending on your individual tastes and preferences. You will be limited by your budget. You have probably made decisions about the particular fabrics and or whether leather seating will offer a better fit for your furniture needs. There also other considerations.

You may also have some ideas about the specific style of seat you prefer. One of the big points is based on what size room you have and whether you want single seats or a few rows. As you investigate the options, you will have to make a decision between curve or straight home theater seats or arrangement. You may even want get something like recliners. Again, this may come down to a matter of available space.

Basically, what you will find out that the total dimensions of your media room will determine the number of seats or even the rows themselves. One thing to note is that if you only plan to have a single row with a few seats in it, then the question of having straight or curved seating for home theater really does not matter. By having few seats means that there are no issues of proper configuration to keep in mind; a straight line would work fine. On the other hand, if you have home theater seating, 3 seats or more may be a reason to opt for a curved arrangement.

If you consider what options you have when you make a trip to movie theater then you have some idea of the possibilities in terms of home theater furniture. Answer this question. Where do you choose to sit, most of the time? Do you choose the end seats or those in the middle of the straight row? For the best viewing, the middle is the obvious choice. The same applies with in home theater seating. It also explains why you may want to choose a curved configuration over the standard straight rows.

Once you have an idea of the arrangement, you will very likely start looking around for seating. Once you are committed, you may want to find a home theater seating collection. You will find that many of these collections can be rather expensive. Any budget considerations will come into play here. This could mean looking around for different discount home theater seating.…

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Home Theater Package – Bring the Full Experience Home

Home Theater Package – Bring the Full Experience Home

When it comes to the home theater package, there are a lot of opinions. Some purists insist that these packages are strictly referring to sound system components. Yet others insist that the reference applies to all aspects that give you a theater-like experience at your own house. Let’s explore the various options and then you can decide for yourself!

For those people focused on sound alone, there are systems ranging from tens of dollars all the way to thousands of dollars. The choices are endless. The basic home theater package starts with a 5.1 channel speaker and subwoofer set. With this set you are likely to receive a product that produces decent digital sound with a thumping bass, a central speaker, 2 surround speakers and 2 front speakers. Now, on the other end of the spectrum of speaker systems; we have a high end set that includes two 12″ 350 watt subwoofers (the bass ought to bring the house down with those bad boys), a center speaker, 2 surround pole speakers, 4 front speakers and acoustic controls to optimize performance. Sounds like everything you could possibly need, right?

Wait just a minute! Where is the rest of the home theater package? What do I mean by ‘the rest’, you ask? Well, as some would have it, the set-up is not complete without the sofa and it’s built in cup holders, 108″ LCD screen HDTV (or maybe even a high quality projector and a motorized projector screen), iPod docking station, multi-function equalizer, Blu-Ray player, amplifier and game system.

Or maybe you are more of a middle of the road type. No extremes for you. A nice 5 speaker digital sound system, a decent television and a DVD player will satisfy your needs. What is your vision of the perfect setup?

The best way to decide what your needs are when it comes to choosing a system, is to look at what you typically enjoy for entertainment. Are you a fan of music and hardly ever have your mp3 more than an arm’s length away? Or would you rather kick back and watch a movie? Look to what you enjoy to point you in the right direction for purchasing your home theater package.

After you’ve picked out the specific elements you want, you can go online or to a local electronics store to find what you are looking for. Retailers will be happy to help you select the right system for your needs. Before you whip out the plastic though, consider having the retailer install your system if they offer that service. If you have never tried to hook up complex setup like this before, know that it can become confusing quite quickly. There are many wires and ports. You could have just one wire in the wrong place and then spend hours trying to figure what is hooked up wrong. For a few extra dollars, someone else can come and get the job done for you in little to no time.

Whatever you choose, make the decision based on your favorite hobbies and you’re sure to have the home theater package that suits you best. That’s what makes it perfect.…

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Speakers Will Complete Your Home Theater Experience

Speakers Will Complete Your Home Theater Experience

So you’ve got the projector, you’ve got the stadium seating, you’ve got the white screen, you’ve got the plush armchairs, maybe you can have a velvet curtain, so what’s missing from the scene? Even if you have all the accoutrements that go into creating the ultimate home theater setup, it seems like there all worth nothing if you don’t have vivid sound to accompany them. By vivid sound I mean that surround sound home theater audio setup that can take the form of a few simple speakers, to massive speaker towers. So what’s the best audio setup for you and what should you look for when purchasing speakers?

If you are looking to create the ultimate set up for your home theater then you will need to select the best set of speakers for your particular set up. Are you looking for deep rich theater like sound or are you merely looking for a nice small set of surround sound speakers? Whatever the case may be you always want to look for quality products that will last. A good way to start looking for the proper speaker set up is to narrow down the field to sets that meet your size and compatibility requirements. You may want that big theater sound but have limited space to work with, or perhaps you live in an apartment that really won’t allow for a massive amp and subwoofer setup. In this case I would suggest getting a set of small, yet high quality speakers from a reputable manufacturer. Even though a smaller set of speakers might not make you feel like you are at the theater, they can go a long way in terms of producing crystal clear audio and allowing you to hear subtleties that you were previously unable to hear.

If you do happen to have a large space then you might consider getting some speaker towers, a subwoofer, and a powerful amp setup to really create the at home theater experience. Selecting speakers can be a very subjective process but make sure that you get a high quality amp and good connection cables. You don’t want to spend a ton of money getting great speakers only to have the sound diminished before it ever hits your speakers. So defiantly do not “cheap out” on this aspect of your home audio system. There are many manufactures that offer good high quality sets of speakers and the best way to decide which set is right for you is just to listen. If you can hear the set up in action, and especially if you can hear several side by side, than you will be best armed to decide which system provides the audio playback that you desire.

So before you make the big purchase consider doing your research and getting a quality amp and quality cables. Next consider the size of your theater room and plan accordingly. Finally choose the setup that is right for you by comparing the brands that you have narrowed your search down to. Hopefully if you follow these tips you will be listening to the best at home audio for your home theater in no time at all.…

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Novi Home Theater Systems – For Ultimate Movie Experience

Novi Home Theater Systems – For Ultimate Movie Experience

If you want to recreate the movie experience in your home, there can be nothing better than Novi home theater systems. These systems will save you the trouble of going to a movie hall, buying tickets for you and your family as well as trying to look over the person in front of you if he is tall. On top of that, trying to concentrate on the movie in the midst of incessant chatting of other people around you and getting a nauseating feeling if your seat is too near the screen are other things to deal with.

Advantage of Home Theater System

On the other hand, with Novi home theater systems, you can enjoy the Movie of your choice in the company of your family, relatives and friends or even alone in the comfort of your home without having to go out anywhere. Moreover, there will be no need to see the whole movie in one go. You need not buy any tickets every time you wish to see a movie and the initial outlay for buying the home theater system can be recovered in a short time.

What Is Involved In A Home Theater System?

In order to get complete enjoyment from Novi home theater systems, you would need to dedicate a whole room or a substantial portion of a room to get the complete entertainment setting as if you were sitting in a movie hall. The basic requirement would be a really large TV with a flat screen that will give you the feeling that you are sitting in a movie theater. Apart from the TV, you would also need a good surround sound system, high quality speakers, a computer, stereo system, Blu-ray player and discs or a DVD. The sound system is an essential part of any home theater system because it helps to create the movie theater atmosphere in your home.

To buy the Novi home theater systems, you need to visit a reliable website and choose the TV that is available from 20 to 150 inches, the surround sound system, a universal remote and Blu-ray player. They are available for both residential use and for commercial applications.

You can also have the option of purchasing each component of the system separately or of buying a package, which is also known as HTIB or home theater in a box. There is no doubt that if you buy separately, you would have to assemble the whole system but you would have the advantage of being able to upgrade your system whenever you like. If you buy HTIB system you would receive the entire system properly hooked up including the source, speakers, amplification and even a Blu-ray player or DVD.

Before you visit a website offering Novi home theater systems, it is essential to make up your mind regarding what you actually need. You must decide whether you need a Blu-ray player or just a DVD player, the number of speakers in the speaker system, and the type of surround sound processing that the system will have to support. The most commonly used system is Dolby Digital 5.1 or Dolby Digital EX.

Although a smaller TV can serve the purpose, you will not get the complete effect of a movie if you do not use a large flat screen TV in your Novi home theater system. Along with a big TV, it is also essential to have surround sound so that you can have a complete movie experience.…

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5 Tips on Installing a Solar Water Heater for your Home

Did you get your electricity bill this month? Was it high? Of course, it was, this is why millions of people already chose to do something about it and ended their electricity bills by installing solar panels. So far, power companies made us believe that we can’t do without them, but this is entirely not true.

There’s a solution for every problem if you look deep enough. The problem of high electricity bills is solvable easily by installing a solar panel on your home rooftop. There are many different types of solutions, but the best one is the water heater powered by the sun. See more about this here.

In this article, we’re talking more about these machines and how to install properly one of them in your home. We will talk more about the power of the sun and you using it, but more importantly about how to make sure you’re getting the best. Follow up and learn more about this topic in the content below.

1. Make sure it’s facing south

The first thing you need to mind is the place where the item will be installed. You need to have a roof facing south, which is the most important issue to address before doing anything. Why south you may ask. Because in the northern hemisphere, where the USA is, the sun is shining the brightest on the southern sky.

That means you’ll get the most sun hours, and the brightest shine if the panel is facing south. If you place it in a different direction, you’ll get less of the action. If you look at all other systems like these, you’ll see that they are all facing the same direction.

Before calling anyone or buying anything, it’s smart to go on your roof and see if it is possible to place it there facing south. If you have a tall building blocking your sight at the south, then you might not be eligible for one, and it will only be wasting money

2. Hire a highly professional company to do it

When you’re about to start, you need to find the right company to install it for you. This is a highly complex job, and you probably can’t do it alone. That means you need to find the best guys for the job.

The first thing to do is locate a business providing and installing these items. It’s best if you find and choose a local business because they are a better choice than those coming from afar. For example, living in Sacramento, means you want a Sacramento solar water heater company to get the job done.

It’s not easy locating a perfect one, but if you spend some time researching and analyzing, you’ll surely find one that will be great. Go through the social networks, the search engines, and see who offers this kind of service in your part of the city.

3. Look for reviews about the heater and the company

Before making your choice, you must do some research. We already mentioned that going through company options is a must before making a choice, but to know who truly the best is, you must spend some time going through online reviews left by people like you that had the chance to work with some of these companies.

Another thing you need to look at when reviews are in question is the product you’re getting. What does this mean? Not all solar water heaters are the same. There are some made in the US, and others made in China. You know which ones are better and worth purchasing.

That means going through some reviews will help you realize which products are better and which ones need to be avoided. It’s the same for the products as for the companies. Go through reviews and see which ones have a better reputation. Those with an excellent reputation are worth working with.

4. Ask for a warranty

Solar water heaters are complex machines and you must be sure that they’ll work flawlessly at all times. You need to ask for a warranty before getting one so you can be sure that no matter what happens, someone will come over and help you deal with the problem. See what warranties do here:

Also, a warranty is a way to force manufacturers and sellers to give you a high-quality product. If the manufacturer isn’t convinced that they are selling you a top-notch product, they won’t provide the warranty. Getting one that will last at least a few years is a sure way to know that you’re getting a great deal.

5. Compare pricing between competitors

Finally, compare prices between competitors. With multiple companies on the market, you can find tons of those who sell the same products …

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What’s Important to Consider When Buying a Home Theater Receiver?

What’s Important to Consider When Buying a Home Theater Receiver?

Choosing the right home theater receiver is no easy task even if you have experience, let alone having little to none in this area. Fortunately, the following will provide some excellent tips that what to look for in one. This will help ensure that you will get the best home theater receiver you can get when you go out shopping for one.

What to Look for

As you go out and evaluate home theater receivers whether online or offline, you should be looking for several important qualities. First, the brand of the receiver should always be one of the first aspects to evaluate. Some people may not understand how important this really is and tend to overlook this element.

If you have had a good experience with other products from a brand in the past and you feel comfortable with them, feel free to continue buying from them. Under these circumstances, you will know exactly what you are getting and therefore you can focus more on the rest of the details.

A few examples of the various home brands to choose from include Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony. You would have a hard time going wrong with any of these three.


Another significant factor when buying a home theater receiver is price. You can only buy what you can afford, so determine how much of a budget you have before shopping around and evaluating the prices of each kind. By doing so, you can avoid overspending on one.

The best receivers are going to be more expensive of course, and could surprise you just how much some of them cost. However, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good receiver that you can afford.

Do Research

If you decide to shop at some stores locally and ask their employees for advice, be sure they are experts on what you should buy. Sometimes, the workers know less than the consumers. The last thing you want is to take his or her advice and realize that the home theater receiver you bought wasn’t the right one.

Researching various receivers before you head out to stores is encouraged as you will not have to rely strictly on customer support. You will also have a better understanding of what to look for and be able to compare prices of certain models to ones online. This will ensure that you not only get a high quality home theater receiver, but also get it at the best price as well.…

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Home Audio Systems for Use in Multiple Rooms

Home Audio Systems for Use in Multiple Rooms

Imagine being able to take pleasure in your home by enjoying the sound of your favorite music flooding the rooms, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. The technology of today has worked efficiently to make this sort of creative thinking possible by providing your household with in-ceiling speakers that are very easily controlled with just a keypad or wireless remote control. Dinner parties can now extend with no interruption from one room to the next without ever having to worry about the musical mood not following. If you would like to change the pace of the evening from calm to more upbeat, it is so easy with just the touch from your iPad. This makes it more convenient to enjoy your guests, your parties and your life.

Music has evolved into such an important part of everyday life. With such impressive advancements in technology, it is surprising that music does not follow us around everywhere. Well, now you can add a charming melody to a romantic evening. This greatly enhances the mood and allows you to stretch your creativity muscles. While setting a mood, take pleasure in entertaining simply by enjoying your favorite band or artist in accurate and detailed stereo sound.

Getting creative with technology and sound allows you to design a music system that is tailored to your personal interests. You can work with the company prior to installing to make sure that your needs are met from the perspective of the casual listener to even the most distinguished aficionado. Today’s creative technology works happily in building systems that integrate very easily into clients’ chaotic lifestyles while maintaining their invisible presence within the homes and businesses.

The options for audio for a home theater are overwhelming due to the array of possibilities offered with today’s creative audio systems. Invite a specialist to your home to analyze your room acoustics. This will help the company prepare a tailored audio system for your room or perhaps recommend an existing system. Either way, your home theater will be equipped with the perfect speaker for every individual application. There are so many speaker choices available.

Calling or visiting a site will help to give you an idea as to what could possibly happen for your home theater. Express your ideas and let others take care of executing your creativity. The technology is here and it is possible. Impress yourself by being impressed by your home.…

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Home Theater For the At-Home Movie Experience

Home Theater For the At-Home Movie Experience

If you love audio and video equipment, you are probably the kind of person who is interested in a home theater. Maybe you are just getting started with this journey – and what a journey it is! There is so much to know about home theater and tons of options to maximize your video and audio experience it helps to know a few basics first.

Most people think to experience the ultimate in theater you need to jump in the car every time to get to the movie theater and pay big bucks for each viewing. That is just not the case anymore! Home theatre systems have evolved so much that many people find home viewing much more enjoyable, and once the initial set-up is done – more comfortable and inexpensive than heading to the movies all the time!

So what exactly is a home theater? Is there one right approach? Home theater is many things to many people, but do not worry about getting things perfectly – you just have to find out what you want in your home entertainment. But most systems contain a unique combination of electronics designed to work well together in order to make you feel like you are watching movies just like in your local movie theater!

With the advent of large screen TVs, projector TVs and screen and new surround sound speaker capabilities, the home theater is better than ever and technology is truly constantly evolving. It may seem dizzying to think about all the different options, but with some help, you will know what is best for you. Keep in mind there are great home theater options for every budget, and knowing what is most important to you is the best place to start.

Does a surround sound experience send chills up your spine while watching your favorite thriller? Or do you prefer rich colors, and clear pictures to get all the amazing details of a favorite adventure film? Either way – start making some choices about what you like best.

What is it that makes a movie theater experience really “pop?” Many people would say it is the sound. A home theater is meant to help you achieve movie theater sound at home. This is done with a combination of speakers, strategically placed around the designated room to create the best possible sound for your viewing experience. And speaking of viewing experience, many people think the best part of the movie theater is the giant screen! The reality is, the picture quality in most movie theaters is not always the best – even though seeing things blown up dramatically in size is great. Home televisions can actually get you better quality video!…