Audio and Video Players

Audio and Video Players

Creative is a reliable brand when it comes to audio and video players and the ZEN X-Fi2 is one such product that is capable of offering a lot of entertainment to the user in a small package making it an extremely portable device and has a lot of advantages like most high end players that are available at a much higher cost. It is not a very common unit in the field of entertainment devices but has the potential to reach the top in no time. There may be a few defective products in each lot that lead to disappointment on the user’s part but this is not uncommon with electronics.

The size of the player is very comfortable to carry it anywhere and everywhere. The quality of music playback is very good too making it a highly recommended product for those looking for a different device than the regular stuff like iPods. It has a responsive touch screen that is capable of taking any command apart from the on/off button which is there on the top of the unit. It is easy to navigate through the different menus as they are intuitively designed with expertise. The icons are also well placed making it convenient for the user to control the player. The 16 GB version of the player is more than sufficient for any user who has medium to high requirements regarding the storage space aspect. There is also a slot to insert micro SD cards making it a flexible unit allowing the user to expand the memory whenever desired.

The device can play audio books with sufficient clarity making it easy for people who cannot read paper back books. The convenience of going back and forth between different points of the book make it a versatile product. The speaker volume and clarity is satisfactory enough and the earphones that are included in the box are far better than the ones that come with several high end players. The quality of video playback is good enough too as it can accept formats that are common to most of the users. It can be a perfect unit while working out and also while riding as it is extremely small and the sound output is loud enough. The battery life of the device is good and can entertain the user for hours continuously. The battery life is obviously better while listening to audio than while watching videos.

The graphic spectrum analyzer is absent in the device that may disappoint a few users particularly looking for this feature. There is also no FM transmitter present in the player which again makes the unit lose a few customers. The software that comes with the player seems to have compatibility issues with different operating systems and their various versions. The customer support of the unit is not as expected as it is not able to assist the user efficiently.

The player is good for those who would like to have a different player than the iPods. It also comes from a reliable brand name making it a nice bargain for the price.