Best Home Theater Seating Ideas

Best Home Theater Seating Ideas

One of the factors you need to consider is which size of seats do you want in your theater room. You could have individual seating, similar to what you would find at a movie theater, or you could resort to traditional family room/living room seating by having multiple types of sofas. Ultimately, you want to create the most comfortable environment, and that can be done by having single seating, loveseats, sectionals, recliners, sofas, or even convertible sleeper seating.

Once you’ve determine the style/size of seating, you will need to also evaluate what fabric upholstery for your home theater seats is going to be the most comfortable. There are four main types of fabrics that you’ll find on theater seating: leather, fabric, suede, and microsuede. This decision is truly a matter of taste and comfort. Find the fabric that feels that best for you and suits the look to create the best home theater seating placement.

You are probably trying to drive comfort in your theater room, and the seating is a key element of this end objective. In order for that to happen, here are some other features that you can find in seating options: Cup Holder – most people will have some form of beverage while spending time in front of that theater screen. For your comfort, you may want to find home theater seats that have massages, lumbar support, detachable pillows, and even heating capabilities. If you are prone to eating while watching TV, have small children, or have pets, then you are probably well aware of the possibility of having stains on your furniture. Certain seating options will have stain resistant material options.

In addition to the seats themselves, lighting will prove to be very important in the home theater seating design of your choice. You should consider installing a light dimmer switch in this room so that you can get the light quality just right to avoid glares on your TV or even create a movie-theater like environment when watching a flick on your home projector. Lighting is just as important as the seats.

Lastly, think of the other decorations that will make for an optimal home theater seating experience. Do you want a classic feel with leather seats, dark walls, and sconces? Do you want a modern feel with bright colored chairs and wall paint with some unique artwork on the walls? Although you can create any look you want, browns, blacks, beiges, and creams are the most universal looks for seating in a home theater. You don’t want the look of your home theater seats to take over the room, when the focus should be whatever is playing on the big screen