Bose 321 GS-GSX Review Part I – Why Buy?

Bose 321 GS-GSX Review Part I – Why Buy?

The Bose 321 GS/GSX home entertainment unit is an entry level home theater system that wouldn’t be a letdown if you’ve acquired one. Setting up the system is simple, designed to be user friendly and this aspect has been receiving praises. The printed user’s manual is rich with graphics, so it’s easy to follow. Although more than 100 pages, you’ll probably only need to refer to a couple of it. Included is a quick start poster as well as a step-by-step tutorial DVD that walks you through the setup process. A novice can easily install and setup the system in a short matter of time and start taking full advantage of its technology and features.

The system comes with two great quality speakers and a powerful subwoofer. The main unit, termed ‘Media Center’ by Bose, comes with a built-in progressive scan DVD/CD player, an AM/FM tuner and a must have HDMI output. Having a progressive scan player provides increased resolution for a sharper, clearer video whilst wiping out almost all motion blur. The incorporated AM/FM tuner has 40 preset stations as well as a sleep timer. The media center can be controlled remotely using the supplied universal remote controller that comes with batteries. Being a universal remote controller, it can control other devices that are linked (or not) to the media center. So you end up with one master remote to control various devices – a convenient accessory.

The Bose 321 GS/GSX performance is exceptional for the medium or small sized room. The output quality from the speakers seems to be further enhanced by using floor stands. Cabling to hook up other devices to the system may look messy, but overcome this by using cable tie/tube. Otherwise, using the system as a stand alone, you’ll only have wires going to the speakers, subwoofer and to the wall socket for power. What you would expect of other wired system too.

As for size, the two speakers can be handheld (don’t be deceived by its size) while the subwoofer is still considered rather ‘big’. Not too big that you cannot hide it behind your TV or place it in a manner that it blends with other fixtures. The media center unit itself its not that so much bigger than the size of an X-box. In short, the entire system would not cluster your living room due to its compact size. What’s more, without rear speakers there’s no wiring to the back of your room

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