Building a Home Theater – DIY Or Hire a Pro?

Building a Home Theater – DIY Or Hire a Pro?

While designing and building a home theater for your own house can be in the realm of some people, for most of the buying public it is wise to get help from a professional.

That being said, if you do decide you want to tackle the job you need to decide just how much of the project you want to bite off. There are many stages of this project that are well within the capability of a reasonable handy man or women. But proper planning and research are essential to the successful completion of the project.

For instance, most home theaters are going to need a dedicated electrical source for the components.

The last thing you want is the screen to jump every time the AC comes on or someone turns on an appliance. A circuit that will just handle the electrical needs of the home theater equipment is easily installed by an electrician but may be overwhelming for the weekend warrior.

On the other hand installing carpeting, wall coverings, painting and installing the seating can be well within the capabilities of a reasonable competent person.

Somewhere in the middle will fall the part where you need to bring in the components and arrange and hook them up properly. This can be done by the do-it-yourselfer but it will require a bit of research and reading before you attempt it. Even if you do elect to do this stage yourself at the very least you should bring in a pro to do the final tune-up and check all the connections to make sure you got it right.

Setting up and building a home theater can be a very rewarding experience and will definitely add value to your home, but if it isn’t done right you will regret the decision every time you pass the home theater room.