Choosing Curved Or Straight Home Theater Seating

Choosing Curved Or Straight Home Theater Seating

Besides the audio and visual components of your media room the next single, most important piece is the actual home theater seating itself. You’ve narrowed down your budged. It’s a tough time for many consumers during this recession so your budget may not be much, regardless you may have one. You’ve decided on a particular fabric or leather that suits your needs. You know the particular style of theater seating that you prefer, whether it be traditional or contemporary. You know the overall measurements of the room. You know whether you want single seats or a few rows of seats. But how do you decide whether you are going to go with curved or straight rows of seating for your media room? Is there really a big difference as far as viewing angles?

The overall space of the media room dictates the number of seats or even rows of seats. For only one row of seating consisting of one or two seats, it doesn’t matter as much whether you go with straight or curved configuration. There is only so much of a curve that will be created with two seats anyway. It wouldn’t have a significant impact on viewing. On the other hand, for a row of seating with three or more seats, the curved configuration is the ideal choice.

Let’s think about this a bit more. When you go to an actual movie theater and you have a choice of seats do you choose the end seats or do you choose one of the middle seats? Obviously you choose one of the middle seats for best viewing angle. I know I do. You have to turn your head either left or right towards the screen with the end seats depending on which end you sit, while with the seats in the center you don’t.

The same thing applies with home theater seating but on a much smaller scale. With a curved theater seating configuration you only have to make the slightest of adjustments with your head to watch the screen. With a straight configuration you move further away from the center viewing angle. Even if you place multiple configurations of home theater seating rows, the same thing applies. You want to be able to view the motion picture or a sporting even in comfort and that includes the movement of your head. This is an experience that should be enjoyed.

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