Dangers of Flooded Water

It might be fun watching your kids catch all the fun in the world in floodwater; you might walk through it without considering the hidden dangers right beneath the surface. Two feet of water is enough to tow your sedan car away. your home is not even left out. A flooded home can cause damage to your possessions. Regardless of the nature of the flooding, be it natural or manmade, a water damage repair expert can proffer a lasting solution to the problem of flooding in the home.

Mold Growth

After a flood, mold growth is inevitable if you fail to tackle the problem in the nick of time. You can prevent mold growth if you keep the affected area dry within 24 – 48 hours, which somewhat is impossible without professional help from a water damage repair expert.

Under the right conditions, mold can grow and spread rapidly. It doesn’t need as much moisture to develop. So any damp left in drywall, furniture, carpets, and upholstery has just the right amount of nutrients for mold growth.

Not all mold growth is visible. It can colonize a particular area for as long as possible without your knowledge. But that does not refute the health risk associated with it. Mold can cause a series of health conditions over time, hence it should be tackled as quickly as possible. Mold remediation is yet another reason why you should consider calling on experts for water damage repair. These technicians will get rid of the visibly noticeable and invisible mold growth in your home.

Flooding and its Uncommon Problem

Common problems associated with flooding include property damage and mold growth. However, there are some unexpected dangers which you often overlook. These are highlighted below.


When a flood hits, it chases rodents from their hiding place. These rodents on the other hand will find a suitable spot in your home to call their home. They pitch their tents in dry, unaffected areas of the home and can even include your car. Be sure to fill in every hole around the home to prevent rodent infestation. This is not the best time to share your home with a destructive occupant.


Flooding comes with a lot of debris. And when it subsides, it leaves behind waste from dustbins and landfills. Sewage backup, as well as litter and the smell of rotten kichen waste, will undoubtedly attract flies to your home.  They will turn your home into a mating ground, breeding younger ones and before long, it turns out a second home for flies.


Flood chases other pests, rodents, and animals out of their natural habitat, and cockroaches are not left out. These creatures will seek a dry, unaffected area to call home. Note that cockroaches are disease carriers such as salmonella. Take every measure necessary to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Flooding is a common occurrence in the US annually especially during hurricane season. After the flood subsides, do not hesitate to hire a professional water damage repair company to help restore your home to livable condition.