Get an Authentic Cinematic Experience

Get an Authentic Cinematic Experience

Once you’ve decided to create a dedicated home theater, you’ll need to consider the TV or projector setup, sound system, wiring, and decor. One aspect is no more important than another, but your home theatre furniture can pull your technology and staging together to create a realistic cinema experience.

True home theater chairs are not the same as everyday family room furniture. Home theatre seating is designed for comfort, versatility, enjoyment, and authenticity. Here are some features you can find in a variety of Home Theater recliners:

Ambient base rail lighting provides gentle lighting for a “cool” cinema feel.

Buttkicker is a built-in silent subwoofer that vibrates in sync with the TV’s sound.

Lighted cupholders add a touch of ambiance and make it easy to find drinks in the dark, helping to reduce spills.

In-arm storage is great for storing remotes and DVDs.

Removable swivel tables provide a place for snacks or a laptop computer.

Motorized recline adds to the special feel of the room with luxurious and silent electric reclining.

Reclining at the touch of a button or handle.

Space-saving mechanisms that let you place seats within inches of the wall and still recline.

Modular home theatre seating so you can choose the number of seats you need, the number of rows, and create your own floor plan.

Seating comes in full-size and smaller-scale models to suit your space.

Removable backs to make our furniture easier to move – across the room or across town.

A top-notch home theater experience doesn’t just come from the combination of some A/V equipment and a few recliners or a sofa in your home living room. To capture a true cinematic experience, one must consider the details, especially where seating is concerned. Answer these questions to determine your seating needs:

How many seats should I plan for? Before you choose media room seating, think about how many people will use the room at any given time. Plan to accommodate the whole family plus guests.

How should I arrange seating? Theater chairs are modular and built to be configured in straight or curved rows. Experts recommend straight rows for large projection screens or curved rows for viewing a centrally located TV screen.

What size? Home theatre chairs are available in small and large scale to accommodate spaces and people of different sizes. Will you need to accommodate a taller or larger person? If so, consider larger-scale home theater furniture if your space will allow it. Is your space limited? Look into smaller-scale models.

Home theater seating or a regular sofa? True home theater seats are modular and have armrests and built-in cupholders. If you would prefer to do without these features, consider a comfortable, reclining sofa or sectional instead.

What’s my style? There are hundreds of home theatre chairs in hundreds of fabrics and colors. Do research online to see which styles appeal to you.

Planning a room is fun, but it can be a challenge. Take your time and research your options thoroughly.