How Much Does It Cost To Snake A Drain in 2020?

Many of us have experienced problems with our plumbing systems. One of the most common ones is a clogged or slow flowing drain. If a plunger doesn’t work one may want to use some type of brand name drain cleaner. Excessive use of the drain cleaning products can cause pipe corrosion so one must be careful when using them. So the plunger is used and the drain cleaner is used. Maybe one has success using these methods, but maybe it also just doesn’t do the job. This situation is sure to cause a certain amount of frustration. There is a solution. There are many plumbing companies out there including one named plano plumbing. Plumbing companies can help one to snake a drain to get rid of and fix one’s drain problem.

When choosing a plumber like plano plumbing, one needs to consider certain things. How much is this clog clearing operation going to cost? Some plumbing companies, or individual plumbers, will charge a certain fee for the job. This is called a flat fee. This may or may not change if the plumber discovers that the job is going to be more difficult in solving that originally thought.

Make sure this is all talked about and straightened out beforehand.

An average price should be about 250 dollars. If additional problems arise it could be twice that amount. Usually if an unforeseen problem arises an hourly rate will kick in until the problem is

solved. These rates can cost anywhere from 70 t0 200 dollars per hour. Make sure this is all talked about before the project is started.

Instead of using a plumber one may want to see if they can get the job done on their own. There are many plumbing companies that will rent a person a plumbing snake. For many drain problems a hand held drain snake is enough to do the job. These rent for about 40 dollars daily. They can be obtained for less money if they are rented on a weekly or monthly basis, instead of paying by the day.

If the drain clog is way down in the piping system then a different type of plumbing tool will need to be used. They are called machine augers. They rent for about 50 to 85 dollars a day. They can also be less expensive to rent by the week or month as opposed to renting them daily.

Drains in bathtubs and showers will cost about 225 dollars to clear away the blockage problem. Bathtub and shower drains tend to get backed up easily with hair, soap and other types of things. Slowly a blockage tends to fill up in these types of pipes. Things tend to stick to the sides of these types of drain pipes making them develop a style of slow clog build up. A hand held snake works out well for this kind of clog. When one notices that the water is beginning to drain slowly then this means that the clogging situation is starting and should be attended to.

Any type of clog cleaning that requires a mainline to be cleared is going to cost some money. Sometimes upwards of 800 dollars. Many times these types of plumbing jobs should be done by plumbing specialists. Some easy steps to take to prevent drain blockage in the first place can be used. Pouring some hot water down the drain from time to time can help to clear it out. Vinegar can be used along with a separate dose of hot water. Baking soda can also be added to the hot water.