How Power Amplifiers Create Magnificent Sound Effects

How Power Amplifiers Create Magnificent Sound Effects

An amplifier is used in devices wherever sound is produced such as radio, TV and music systems. The significance of an amplifier is that it helps in the proper functioning of all audio devices. An amplifier is a device that enhances the sound quality and provides better music experience.

These are the ones which can convert low power frequency signals to higher frequency signals. Their categorization is based upon the amount of power delivered to the load. Classification of an amplifier is done based on linearity, signal gain, efficiency and output power.

They find their use mostly in transmission chains and, hence require attention for power efficiency. According to the latest survey, power amplifiers are often used in audio and radio frequency applications in various industries which include medical and military industry. There are ranges or classes of power amplifiers.

There are many different types of amplifiers which can be purchased in the market –

• Tube amplifiers – Also called as vacuum tube amplifiers as they make use of the vacuum tubes to increase the signal amplitude and power.

• Solid state – These are the ones used mostly in transistors. These came into existence in the late 60s and early 70s. These can easily control all the bass frequencies than tube amplifiers.

• Circuit types – It depends on the circuit types; they are classified into Class A, Class B, Class AB, and Class D.

• Audio-power amplifiers – These are also known as the small signal power amplifiers as they raise power level of signals with audio-frequency range up to 20 Hz- 20 kHz.

• Radio-power amplifiers – These are also called large signal power amplifiers which also raise the power level of signals. It easily amplifies specific frequency or narrow band of frequencies.

This is often used to produce loud sound and also make it very clear to show the difference in acoustics between a noise signal and soothing sound.

As power is an important factor in such amplifiers the amount of power needed can be categorized based on the rule of thumb:

• Medium Bands: 3 to 4W per audience member.

• Large Bands: 5 to 6W per audience member.

While stepping up into the market the main thing that comes to our mind is the budget as more the power, the greater the cost of it. If budget is a constraint and if less powered amplifier is purchased it must be kept in mind that there is not any clipping. The other factor is the product specifications i.e. power that flows into the loudspeakers is less than the required it should be make sure that it should not damage the loudspeaker or the system, and create an unpleasant hearing due to the distortion.

These find a major role in bringing in the best possible sound effects and hence are in demand.