How to Build a Wireless Home Theater System

How to Build a Wireless Home Theater System

Do you enjoy watching movies and listening to music? Do you prefer doing both in the comfort and privacy of your own home? Do you enjoy throwing parties and having friends over to watch favorite television shows, sports and movies? Owning a wireless home theater system will give you an opportunity to enjoy all of this and so much more.

Purchasing and enjoying a wireless home theater system is becoming easier and much more affordable. You will be able to recreate the feeling of going to the movies right in your own home. You may even want to invest in some movie posters and a popcorn maker. Planning for a home theater system is fun and you will look forward to making the decisions as to what system to go with and what room you will set it up. If you decide to purchase each component separately, you will need to think about a large television, a projector and at least three to five speakers with digital surround sound. You will also want to consider comfortable seating for you and for other family members and friends.

If you are on a tight budget then you may just want to start out with a television and some speakers. If you want a few other accessories you can purchase a power conditioner where you can plug in all your equipment and with a special remote control, you will be able to eliminate all your other remotes. When you are looking for speakers, it would be wise to purchase the ones that are sleek and attractive, not only for aesthetic purposes but because, if necessary, they can be mounted right next to your television. A DVD and a projector will round out your wireless home theater system and you will need to decide the size and price that is right for you and for the room you will be placing it in.

You can also purchase a wireless home theater system in a box. They are easy to install and very affordable. Most include everything you will need. Both the Sony DAV-HDX576WF and the Panasonic SC-PT960 will support at least 1000W of total audio power, they both come with HDMI output and an iPod port. Both are priced at approximately four hundred dollars and they come complete with everything you will need for a wireless rear speaker set up and a multi-room audio link covering a single room. Optional modules can be purchased for both allowing you to cover up to three additional rooms. Samsung also offers some good wireless home theater systems in a box that have comparable features and pricing. In addition to what is included with these “in a box” systems, you will need a TV or projector.

A wireless home theater system will give you countless hours of enjoyment and you can easily do an online comparison of features to find that the one that will perfectly fit your needs and your pocketbook!