How to Install the Z-Wave Plug-In Switch Controller

How to Install the Z-Wave Plug-In Switch Controller

Control all the electrical devices in your home in an instant with this Z-Wave Solutions Guide.

Home automation, ever since it was invented, has become a necessity in every home throughout the nation. Due to the convenience it can bring us to our daily lives, more and more innovators have come up with new products as time passes. One of which is the Z-Wave Plug-in Switch Controller.

Z-Wave gives us the power and comfort of combining modern electronics and the remote control. Once installed, you can control all the electrical devices in your home using the Z-Wave System. Senior citizens and those who are physically challenged will greatly take advantage of its benefits. It’s the system that every lazy person has been waiting for. With a simple adapter, every small appliance, especially the lights, can be installed on the Z-Wave system. Modern technology has never been this luxurious.

“Clappers” are now things of the past. With the Z-Wave system, remote technology is maximized to its highest level.

In this guide, we will go step by step into installing, not just the Z-Wave Plug-in Switch Controller and the Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmer Controller, but the Z-Wave System as a whole.


1 Purchase a Z-Wave appliance module for a particular electrical device you want to remotely control. For the lights, you may go for the Z-Wave Plug-in Switch Controller or the Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmer Controller .

2 If you want to control multiple rooms, purchase one Z-Wave remote controller for each room and connect them to the Z-Wave system. Though more remotes are ideal for your family’s convenience, a single remote can control the entire Z-Wave System.

3 Before inserting a Z-Wave appliance module into the electric outlet, be sure to unplug the power plug from your electronic device.

4 The power plug from your electrical device can be directly inserted into the appliance module.

5 Your devices connected to the Z-Wave system can be controlled using the “On/Off” feature, “Bright/Dim Control” feature, as well as the “Basic Thermostat Control” feature.

How to Add Z-Wave Devices:

1 The panel must be in Add mode when adding Z-Wave devices to the security panel. Specific directions to enter Add mode are included in your kit.

2 In order for it to register with the panel, the Z-Wave device must be triggered within a close distance. As a tip, be sure to keep the Z-Wave device within 3-6 feet from the security panel.

3 To add lights or appliance modules to the network, double click the button on the module after entering it through the Add Mode on the security panel. By doing so, the module will be included in the network.

Useful Tips to Keep in Mind:

– The lamp to be controlled should be plugged into the side marked by the Z-Wave logo.

– For your convenience, modules should make use of non-switched outlets. If you’re using a switched outlet, be sure to switch it “On” before you send light commands.

– Light dimmer controls can be accessed by pressing and holding the dimming button on the module.