Is Your House Smart? Add Automation Technology to Your Luxury Home

Is Your House Smart? Add Automation Technology to Your Luxury Home

Smart homes are the concept of the future that already has roots today. The more advanced our technology becomes, the smarter our environments such as cars, homes and offices become. However, unlike our cars, or offices, our homes are an intimate reflection of our style and desires as well as a place that we need to feel comfortable. The true key to home automation is not so much focusing on one technological aspect, but connecting them all so that the house provides a total environment. Here are some powerful devices that make your home work to make your experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

Smart Thermostats

One of the most powerful environment regulators is the thermostat in your home. It keeps rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. While a traditional thermostat is set by your choice of maximum and/or minimum temperature for comfort, a smart thermostat, coupled with a temperature sensor unit regulates temperatures based on current conditions and exact temperatures desire for complete comfort. They can even regulate humidity, and be programmed to keep specific rooms at individual levels.

Automatic Lighting

There are double benefits to smart lighting in a home. The first benefit is security, the second is comfort and ease of visibility. Lighting timers have been around for awhile, and they are a good way to turn lights on at night when you are away to scare away possible invaders. However, modern smart lighting goes a step further in using sensors to regulate the operation of certain programmed lights to go on exactly when natural light dims to a specific level. That adds to the benefits on both sides by de-regulating the time lights turn on so it looks more natural, and also making sure you have the visibility in your home that’s best for all times.

Staging Lights Get Automated

This type of light accents individual focal points in the best manner. Stage lighting is shaped by situating the lights in the most attractive manner for the exhibit, and very advanced lighting even includes beveled lights to reflect different surfaces in different ways. Another way of using lighting to enhance an area is to bring out the surrounding colors, or create an atmosphere with colored bulbs. Automation allows all of these aspects to be combined with specific timing, or even rotation of lighting colors or focus points.

Automation for the Home Theater

One of the most popular aspects of modern home technology is the entertainment center. A home theater inter-connects all aspects of the entertainment experience for a total package including superior sound, picture and also seating comfort. Lighting also plays a strong part in creating a home theater. Different types of lighting can be programmed into the system to provide a brighter light for sports events, dimmer lights for romantic movies, or even create levels of light in different areas of the room, such as pinpointing more light to a bar area and less to a sofa area.

Integrated Audio Technology

Nothing creates ambiance better than music. Integrated music systems pump your choice of music through strategically placed speakers in every room of the house, or can be programmed to play in specific areas. You can even have music played in the garden through speakers embedded into faux rocks so it seems to come out of thin air.

New Technology in Remote Controls

Although a big part of smart homes is having the various aspects controlled automatically, sometimes it is nice to take back control. Smart homes let you develop systems that give you the power of control no matter where you are. Remote control programs let you access all of the systems in your home right from a phone, or computer.