Must-ask Questions When Quoting Plumbing Work

Hiring a plumber is one of the best decisions you could make for your home in terms of professionalism. However, it is also an opportunity to ask questions to ensure you are not swindled or become the recipient of poor services all because there are questions you failed to ask. This usually happens in the wake of an emergency where you need something fixed fast. So before saying yes to a plumber, here are some of the questions you might want to ask.

Ask if they have a license

This is one of the most important questions. A license is a guarantee of qualification for the plumb work and an assurance of quality. There are many people who operate without a license, which doesn’t make them unqualified especially if it is someone who you know works properly in this. However, ask for a license for the plumber, which is usually at the two levels, either the state or the local. If you are unsure, some pages like Angie’s List offer a good listing of licensed professionals like plumbers or electricians in many locations like Plano plumbing tx.

Ask the total cost of all services

There are budgets for everything, no matter the amount of money you have at your disposal. There are many plumbers, both from agencies like Plano plumbing tx and working individuals who have a range of estimates for their services. One thing to be careful at this point is to brush off any people who give you estimates over the phone. The only way a plumber gives an accurate estimate is by first seeing the extent of the work they need to do. When they actually give you their estimates, continue to ask what the total cost includes because some extra charges accrue and lead to an inflated bill afterwards.

Ask how they expect their payments to be made

Different professionals have different methods of payments. Some professionals want upfront payment followed by payments made on the time of their choice, either hourly or monthly depending on when they want i.e. either monthly, hourly or a flat rate after the end of the session. There are two ways to go about this; one of them is the hourly rate, which does not usually involve the cost of material and the second is the flat-rate cost that sums up everything. Know what you are working with.

Who is coming to do the work?

This is usually applicable to people hiring plumbers through agencies. Depending on the size of the job, you can expect more than one plumber. However, always ask the one who comes to give the estimate if you are paying for them or for someone else.

Does your plumber have insurance?

It is important to know whether your plumber has insurance depending on the job you want them to take. Some projects are high risk and require a plumber to have insurance to cover them in case something is damaged in the process. It will also save you the cost of fixing the damage by yourself when the plumbing job is complete.

How about cleaning?

Plumbing work is labour intensive and dirty so after they are done, you can be assured of some leftover mess. As a client, you want to know if the company or the plumber will hire cleaners or clean the messes as part of the package or whether you will have to deal with it yourself. If you are getting quite the inflated bill, this is something you want to ask before you hire the plumber. If you are hiring through an agency and they subcontract to an independent plumber, ensure they meet the same qualifications.