Reviewing the Universal Harmony One Remote

Reviewing the Universal Harmony One Remote

There has been a new kid on the block this past year, and its made things easier than forgetting which remote to grab off the table. Anyone who likes to keep up with Home Theatre News likely has heard of it already. For those of us who have not, the Universal Harmony One by Logitech is worth knowing about.

Its sleek and polished and looks futuristic and fits fantastic in your hand. It has a comfortable feel and great ergonomics.


When it comes to how it works, its performance works as great as it looks and has a motion sensor illuminating color and the backlights up when you pick it up. At first, it seems slightly sensitive and will light up at the slightest touch but after a few uses, this settles down, and works just right.

Tucked away in the remotes lower half is an ingenious rechargeable battery pack. The Lithium-ion battery will save at least $40 worth of batteries a year and the capacity of the charger stays strong.

Programming and Use

Ergonomics, look and feel and battery power aside, programming this futuristic baby for your Home Theatre enjoyment is not as complicated as you might think. The Harmony One is not just another consumer remote because it can do pretty well everything you need it to.

You can have full functionality of OEM uploaded into this remote by just a few little clicks.

There is a good balance between the functionality and ease of use with the programming software of Logitech. If you want to watch TV or anything else, all you need do is tell the remote and down comes a menu for point and click action. You not have to learn any of those darn IR codes or go out and get drivers. Everything is right there in your hand, and ready for you to use.


Rarely will something go wrong with this gadget, but if it does, or if there is a missing function, press trouble-shooter. The trouble-shooter option does a good job of fixing any problem. This is much like one of the high-end custom integration remotes and if you check out a Home Theatre Blog or two, you can see for yourself how well its liked.

Bottom Line

This remote was not made to be complicated and excels in giving you almost everything anyone could want when it comes to universal remotes. Easy is number one when it comes to gadgets and this one definitely makes the grade.

The Universal Harmony One makes for an easy and happy experience for the Home Theatre and reasonably priced to boot.