The Best Projector For Home Viewing

The Best Projector For Home Viewing

If you’re a first time home theater projector buyer, buying the best HD projector for home viewing can be difficult. Not only can it be confusing, searching through all of the different types of projectors but it can also be very time-consuming. With hundreds of home projectors and thousands of reviews – how does one decide which one to buy?! To make things easier for you to decide, our best projector for home viewing is: the JVC DLA HD100 – D-ILA projector.

At $2900 this home projector system doesn’t come cheap but it sure does make a difference. The JVC DLA is equipped with D-ILA technology which is very similar to the LCOS projector technologies found in other home projector systems. The D-ILA technology is specific to JVC projectors and they offer a higher quality viewing experience. Most of JVC projectors are used for cinemas, boardrooms and other large, commercial venues which is why their home projector is of such an impeccable quality.

Some of the greatest features of the JVC DLA which make it the best projector for home viewing is the quality of the actual machine. While most lower-priced projectors make a lot of noise which is noticeable, the JVC excels in the theory that ‘silence is better’. The noise emitted from their home projector is barely audible with sound on. Which makes it for an incredible experience. They also have a lens shift which means that even if you have your projector mounted up, you are still able to change the position of the picture with the remote control.

The remote on the JVC DLA is one of the best remotes on the market. All of the buttons are perfectly selected and situated to make your home viewing experience easy and without fuss. While they might be confusing in the beginning, soon you’ll be handling the remote like a proper pro. Being able to change any sort of setting from the comfort of your seat, using your remote makes the JVC a big competitor in it’s market. Usually home projector manufacturers don’t focus enough on the remote.

The JVC DLA HD100 – D-ILA projector is an exceptional piece of machinery with the colour, contrast and resolution truly dwarfing its competitors. If you’re looking for the best projector for home viewing, then the JVC DLA HD100 – D-ILA projector is for you. You simply cannot go wrong with this home theater system.