The volume needed for a small freestanding wine cooler

Every member of the wine community would love to own an affordable wine cellar cooler. Whether or not you have a big space available or a small area, there is always one on the market that would suit your needs. It will be a great investment to purchase a small freestanding wine cooler if your home is not spacious enough to situate such a special appliance. Many wine fridge manufacturers dedicate their expertise to providing only state-of-the-art wine coolers to the community. So whether or not you live in a mansion or a small apartment. There would always be that special wine cooler waiting for you.

What is a freestanding wine cooler?

A freestanding wine cooler is an unrepeatable piece of equipment specialising in storing wine bottle collections in the correct environment. This type of wine fridge mimics the same requirement of a proper wine cellar. In addition, a freestanding wine cooler can take up less space and be visually appealing to the beholder. As a wine connoisseur, you only want the best. And would only place them in such a way that they are preserved and aged appropriately. Consequently, this is achievable in a wine cooler. A temperature of 7 – 18 degrees Celsius is needed. Perfection is required when it comes down to humidity, as a steady level of 70% needs to be obtained. If the moisture is lacking, it will lead to mould formation, which would ruin the labels of the wine bottles and the corks. And no wine connoisseur wants this from happening. Many other factors need to be upheld, such as consistency in vibrations and sunlight protection using UV protective glass doors. All of the above are must-haves in any wine fridge. Whether it is a freestanding or a built-in wine cooler, the fact remains the same. In conclusion, the freestanding wine cooler is indispensable to all who want to be a wine specialist in the field of only collecting the best of wine from over the globe.

The need for a freestanding wine cooler

Do yourself a favour and savour the idea of owning your freestanding wine cooler. But many of us see it as more than just an appliance. So, in conclusion, you would feel like showing it off to all your fellow wine connoisseurs. If you own a small freestanding wine cooler, it is highly recommended never to place it in enclosed or tight spaces. Only the built-in wine cooler is equipped to function properly under such conditions. It has a front ventilation gadget that properly regulates the temperature and airflow, preventing the mechanism from overheating. A freestanding model can be placed independently but requires at least a few inches of breathing space circulating the unit. This would not be the only reason for overheating. For example, never place your freestanding wine cooler next to any appliance that gives off heat, such as an oven. And contrary to many beliefs, a freestanding wine cooler cannot be emplaced on a carpet. But rather on a flat, solid and stable area.

To red or white? That is the question.

Man has made so many advances when it comes to storing and ageing wine flawlessly.  Imagine the unique aspects of making your favourite and a flavoursome bottle of red. And can only accomplish the required taste of the boldness in red wine by storing them in a wine cooler or a wine cellar. Either way, your pallet takes you. Investing in a good quality wine fridge or wine cooler is strongly recommended. A quote from the Greek poet Alcaeus reads as follows. “In vino veritas (In wine there is truth).”