Why Choose Chenille As Upholstery For Home Theater Seating

Why Choose Chenille As Upholstery For Home Theater Seating

You’ve decided to purchase a set of home theater seats for your media room, but the decision about what kind of fabric to settle into is a big one. After all, there are a myriad of choices in a variety of textures and colors. While leather has had exponential growth when it comes to home theater seating, many prefer to go with a different route and choose a fabric instead to be part of their media room seating. One of the deciding factors is comfort as well as durability and chenille continues to play an important role when it comes to performance fabrics. The temperature of leather fluctuates as the weather changes; in winter it’s cold to the touch, while in summer it can get sticky, especially if you’re a bit sweaty. With fabrics such as chenille, you don’t have to worry about seasonal changes as much.

Chenille is a French word for caterpillar but is often used to describe this fabric. Chenille is normally manufactured from cotton, but it can also be made using synthetics like rayon and acrylic. It is an upholstery fabric with a nap, like corduroy or velvet and it can improve the appearance of furniture such as home theater seating. There is nothing like putting on your favorite movie and relaxing in your theater seating covered in soft chenille.

As the holiday season nears, many people will find their homes filled with family and friends and chenille tends to be a family favorite fabric because it’s also great at concealing dirt, which can happen during those family gatherings. This is a great attribute when it comes to home theater seats because theater rooms and food, such as popcorn or sofa beverages, go hand in hand. Most of us tent to overlook the honeymoon phase of fabrics but this fabric performs as well on the first day of purchase as well as in the long run. The hand, or nap, of this fabric lasts and your home theater upholstered it will look as new in ten years as it did when you first purchased it. There won’t be those annoying seat imprints which can be noticed after years of use.

So, if leather is not your preference, for whatever reason, go with a chenille fabric in the color of your choice which will match the existing decor of your theater room and enjoy your movie watching experience.

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