Best Lighting With Dimmer Switches Throughout the House

Best Lighting With Dimmer Switches Throughout the House

When choosing lighting for your home, versatility can sometimes be a very attractive feature. While sometimes you might have a need for a high light level, at other times a lower level of light can be more desirable. Installing dimmer switches to control your light fixtures can be a great way to add flexibility and versatility. Here are a few ways that you can use these switches throughout your home to add more beauty and functionality.

Dimmer Switches in the Living Room or Family Room

Although there may be times when you need a lot of light in the living room, there may be other times when a lower light level can add a more attractive look. If you enjoy entertaining friends and family in your home, you could use a dimmer switch to add a more intimate or dramatic look. Dimmer switches are also a great way to lower the room’s overhead lighting to a more comfortable level when watching movies or playing video games. By choosing such a switch that also includes a remote control, you’ll even be able to adjust the room’s light level without getting up from the sofa.

Dimming the Dining Room Lights

If you’ve ever wanted to add a more romantic or intimate look to your dinner table, you’ve probably wished that you could simply dim the lights. If you’re planning a candlelit dinner for two, a dimmer switch will provide you with the ability to turn the lights down low. When candles are being used at the table, dimmed lights are generally preferable to no lights at all. A dimmer can also be used to add a more restful, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to the dining room. If you think of your favorite fine restaurant, chances are they dim the lights during dinner. By installing such a switch, you’ll be able to create that same atmosphere in your own home.

Dimmer Switches in the Media Room or Home Theater

If you’ve added a media room or home theater to your home, you know how important proper light levels can be. By installing dimmer switches in the media room, you’ll be able to easily control the lights, making it easier to enjoy movies. A dimmer switch can also add safety to the media room, since you’ll be able to turn up the lights a bit when people need to walk through the room, even if you are currently watching a movie. By turning the lights up just a bit, people can see where they are walking without the jarring effect of turning on bright lights. A dimmer that can be controlled remotely is the best choice for the media room or home theater.

Dimmer Switches in the Bedroom

In the master bedroom suite, a dimmer switch can be used to add an element of drama or even romance. These switches can also be a welcome feature in the guest bedroom, providing your overnight guests with better light level control. In a child’s room or in the nursery, the ability to turn the lights on low without waking a sleeping child can be priceless.