Converting Your Extra Room Into a Home Theater

Converting Your Extra Room Into a Home Theater

Always dreamed of having your very own home theater? Or maybe you saw a Hollywood A-Lister show around his home theater and you just got envious? Having your own home theater does not require that you earn dollars like these A-Listers do, but that helps. Almost anyone can fulfill that dream of theirs to be able to watch the latest movies or even old classic favorites as if being watched in the cinemas but in the comfort of their own homes. In the long run, it will be cheaper and much more fun really.

The Basics

All you need is a decent media player, a high definition DVD player will do, a display unit which could be as simple as a television set or the more chic projection system, and decent sound system. Oh, and of course a room solely devoted as a home system. You do not have to construct an entirely new space for that, an extra room will do.

Most home owners will find it easier to convert the basement into their very own home theaters. Well, it beats arguing with your spouse to give up her craft room or his work shop. Besides, the basement will have the best acoustics next to the bathroom. Controlling the light is easier too because there is no need to heavily cover up big windows because there are no such things in the basement.

Television or white screen

The first consideration in choosing whether to have a television set or a projection system as your display unit is your budget. Television sets are cheaper but nothing beats the cinematic experience that a projection system will give. Although when it comes to television sets, the market is proliferated by choices enough to give you a headache, so just stick with one that is inside your budget.

When you have the budget issue settled, then you can go to the picture quality aspect next. Nowadays, an old tube cannot compete with the clarity of the more high-tech counterparts like plasma, LCD or even the latest LED sets. Prices vary according to model and brand so sticking within the budget will not be an obstacle. Be sure to check out reviews for each model you may fancy so as not to regret the purchase alter on. Learn from the mistakes of others, rather than having to painfully and expensively learn them on your own.

Your next consideration will be the proportion of the screen size with the room size. For all those movie marathons you will be having once your home theater has been set up, you still want to take care of your eyesight and other health issues related to televisions like radiation among other things. Most manufacturers will give you the prime size of screen for a certain size of the room. If not, a little web surfing can give you the answer.

Having your own home theater is fairly easy, especially when you really want it. For all the add-ons, like which multimedia player and sound system to buy, the same considerations generally apply. If budget is bit tight, you do not have to renovate that extra room all at once. You can do it bit by bit, relishing every add-on once they have been installed. Think of the ultimate home theater set up as your long term goal and buying that new player as your short term goal. In no time, you will be munching on popcorn with your feet propped up with the Godfather series popped into the player.